Kreativní partnerství – Supporting the education of Roma children

Společnost pro kreativitu ve vzdělávání (The Society for Creativity in Education)

“The Karel Janeček Foundation believes that pupils acquire skills through specific experiences. Consequently, in the Creative Partnership programme the subject of geometrical shapes in mathematics is dealt with through a combination of dance and artistic techniques. Animation provides for natural history and geography as well as natural science. Chemistry is taught using theatre that shows the relationships between chemical elements. And in tandem with this, interpersonal relationships and the examination of culture and intercultural relations proceeds via artistic techniques and interior design.”

How would you like to go to school whilst simultaneously creating things with artists? Pupils from the primary school on Náměstí Karla IV in Nejdek and the Běžecká primary school in Sokolov have been given this opportunity within the framework of the Creative Partnership education programme.

The project puts cooperation between artists and teachers into practice, both in terms of creation and also in terms of preparing and implementing lessons. New creative processes are established, which get children interested and motivate them to learn and work independently. Their artistic sensibilities are also developed. Children look forward to school. Their mutual cooperation and coexistence in the class collective is enhanced. The project focuses on individual support for Roma children, but the artists and teachers also work with all pupils. The closing ceremony for the project will take place in Karlovy Vary in March 2016.

Support in 2015

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Homo Sapiens Kind Soul
Karel Janeček Foundation, Dominika Vrkotová

What could a priest, a waitress, a nurse, and a maths teacher have in common? It’s not short-term popularity, a healthy bank balance, or a pushy nature. It’s simply kindness. Now, imagine a world where this common quality becomes a way of life. Maybe it doesn’t sound very sexy, but it’s definitely worth a try… Why, you ask?

10 innovative projects completed the new accelerator #threetwoone workshop!
Nadace Karla Janečka, Dominika Vrkotová 16.6. 2016

The historic first-ever Karel Janeček Foundation’s #threetwoone workshop has taken place in a picturesque valley in the village of Svatý Jan pod Skalou. Out of 81 applicants, a final 10 projects were selected that deal innovatively with a social issue in the field of education or active civil society.


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