Developing a pupil’s personality


“One of our main goals, which we are focusing on in the field of education, is the development of soft skills in children aged 10-14 years. That’s why we decided to support the unique Hejný Method, specifically in terms producing and printing mathematics text books. We shall continue our cooperation in 2016. We are co-financing a project that aims to pass on these principles, leading to the development of pupil’s personalities in other subjects as well. To this end, H-mat lecturers are able to hold seminars in which participants take on the role of teachers.”

As the old sage Comenius once said, learning should be like a game. And why not? After all, a game is not actually learning but doing something joyful. And when children do something with joy, they easily make it their own. Professor Milan Hejný undoubtedly had this in mind when he came up with his non-traditional way of teaching mathematics, which is known today as the Hejný Method.

The method is based on respecting 12 key principles integrated into a coherent concept so that children enjoy discovering mathematics by themselves. In lessons, the teacher does not pass on readymade knowledge, but above all teaches children to argue, discuss, and evaluate. Besides mathematics, they also naturally discover the basics of social behaviour. This method is already used for teaching in more than 350 primary schools in the Czech Republic. It is also attracting interest in other countries, such as Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Poland, and the United States.

Support in 2014, 2015

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Homo Sapiens Kind Soul
Karel Janeček Foundation, Dominika Vrkotová

What could a priest, a waitress, a nurse, and a maths teacher have in common? It’s not short-term popularity, a healthy bank balance, or a pushy nature. It’s simply kindness. Now, imagine a world where this common quality becomes a way of life. Maybe it doesn’t sound very sexy, but it’s definitely worth a try… Why, you ask?

10 innovative projects completed the new accelerator #threetwoone workshop!
Nadace Karla Janečka, Dominika Vrkotová 16.6. 2016

The historic first-ever Karel Janeček Foundation’s #threetwoone workshop has taken place in a picturesque valley in the village of Svatý Jan pod Skalou. Out of 81 applicants, a final 10 projects were selected that deal innovatively with a social issue in the field of education or active civil society.


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