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Dear applicants for support and cooperation. I am very happy that you have decided to contact the Karel Janeček Foundation. Many of you have written to say that you would like to present your project or request for cooperation in person. However, I will be leaving communications regarding your plans and projects to the foundation team. They have my complete confidence.

Thank you for understanding, Karel Janeček

First and foremost, the purpose of the Karel Janeček Foundation is to support the development of an active civil society and a healthily functioning state in the Czech Republic as well as supporting education and social innovation in this country.

As of 1 March 2015, we will be accepting applications: 1) in the field of education and training, but only for projects with a big impact focused on the development of soft skills in children aged 10-14 and projects that involve children in this age group in decision-making processes; 2) in active civil society, but only on projects with a big impact that mobilise citizens.

If you are the victim of irrational bureaucracy, fraud, or aggression, please use the relevant form to contact the Karel Janeček Aid Fund.

For projects with an anticorruption theme or which have been sparked by corruption, please contact the Anticorruption Endowment.

Please direct grant applications for scientific projects to the Neuron Fund for the Support of Science.

We will review all applications. In view of the sheer volume of requests, however, we will not be able to reply to all applicants. If we do not get in touch with you within one month of sending your application, you can assume that it has been rejected.

Thank you for understanding.

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