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Our nation is extraordinarily creative and we are able to come up with amazing new things. It would be a great pity if many unique ideas did not come to fruition simply because they did not get proper support at the right time. Let us come together to show the world what treasures can be found in our small country.
The aim of the foundation is to find and support stellar projects that would otherwise find it difficult, if not impossible, to see the light of day. With our help they can get a chance to sparkle and become shining examples, not just in Europe, but all over the world.


Karel Janeček,

founder of the Karel Janeček Foundation

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Karel Janeček
founder of the Karel Janeček Foundation
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Board of Trustees

Karel Janeček (chairman)
Tomáš Marada
Jan Bejvl

Supervisory Board

Libor Winkler (chariman)
Monika Vondráková
Martin Ducháček


Homo Sapiens Kind Soul
Karel Janeček Foundation, Dominika Vrkotová

What could a priest, a waitress, a nurse, and a maths teacher have in common? It’s not short-term popularity, a healthy bank balance, or a pushy nature. It’s simply kindness. Now, imagine a world where this common quality becomes a way of life. Maybe it doesn’t sound very sexy, but it’s definitely worth a try… Why, you ask?

10 innovative projects completed the new accelerator #threetwoone workshop!
Nadace Karla Janečka, Dominika Vrkotová 16.6. 2016

The historic first-ever Karel Janeček Foundation’s #threetwoone workshop has taken place in a picturesque valley in the village of Svatý Jan pod Skalou. Out of 81 applicants, a final 10 projects were selected that deal innovatively with a social issue in the field of education or active civil society.


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